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About Us

Cheryl and I had the pleasure of reconnecting when we worked on the planning committee for Charlee's Angels for the Animals Rally hosted in April 2014. Karen donated her time and designed Chuckles, the official mascot of Charlee's Angels for the Animals. The three of us realized we all shared the same passion - to bring about change in the world for vulnerable animals.

Being an avid animal lover and advocate for neglected and abused animals I noticed a growing trend on many of the rescue pages, being a continual request for supplies and funding to keep up with the growing problem of animals in crisis. 

In May 2014, I put out a request to the community of Terwillegar Towne (Edmonton) for donations of gently used kennels, collars, leashes, blankets etc. If I received a few collars and some treats, I would have been excited. The response was overwhelming! I collected enough materials to create a 12 page spreadsheet of items and from that I was able to distribute donations to ten local rescues. 

From this project was born a Facebook page called Berkeley’s Place, intended to honor a special needs dog that changed my life. If 20 of my friends liked my page, I would have been excited. Berkeley's Place has now become a forum to provide support for fosters and rescue volunteers, pet honoring ceremonies for animals that have crossed Rainbow Bridge and networking to promote animal related events and obtain needed supplies to distribute to rescues in need.

Friendships have been forged and a community of trust, integrity and support was built through networking with various organizations. Together, we will bring about positive change for the vulnerable and the voiceless.

Our Mission

Many people are unaware of the many organizations that are devoted to helping animals in need or have misconceptions about rescue animals. Through education and awareness, we hope to bridge this gap.

Berkeley's Place works hard to network with as many organizations as we can to bring awareness to the plight of rescue, including holding donation drives for food and other needed supplies for rescues so that badly needed funds can be allocated to critical care medical needs for the animals they are saving. Our ultimate goal is to end animal suffering.

In the world of animal welfare, we see many sad and desperate situations. There are some amazing rescues on our network and we thank them for taking such good care of all the vulnerable lives in need. Without their dedication, there would be many lives lost. With that being said, we want to show you the successes achieved in the last year rather than the sadness; to show you how your donations and support have made a positive impact on the lives of the animals coming into care.

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