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Rescued Animal of the Month: April 2015:

Each month we will feature a rescued animal success story.

It is with deep sadness we announce that George has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

On behalf of all of us at Berkeley's Place, we extend our deepest sympathy and prayers to George's family at SAFE Team Rescue. Thank you brave warrior for inspiring us all.

(Editors Note: This article is being reposted to help remind us that all lives saved are a joy to behold, to experience and to share, regardless of the time left. Thank you George for this lesson.)

George's Story

George is a sweet, 10 year old boy. As you can probably imagine, George has had a rough few months. His former owner could not afford treatment and did not seek help quickly enough. What would have started out as a relatively minor issue turned into the mass that covered ¼ of his face. I can't even imagine the pain this poor boy went through. Finally, the owner sought help and he was surrendered to SAFE Team on Sept. 26, 2014. 
He was rushed to the vet where they put him on anti-inflammatories, antibiotics and pain medication, with the plan of getting the infection and inflammation under control enough that he could have surgery.

We met him on Saturday and despite the pain he must have been in, he was still a big snuggle bug, purring away the whole time we were there.

His surgery was October 1. His eye and the surrounding damaged tissue was removed. Unfortunately, it was discovered that it was a cancerous tumor. Thankfully it hadn't spread to his brain, but it has most likely spread to the bone. What could have been a much better prognosis if treatment had been sought right away has now become a death sentence. This poor sweet boy has only about 4 months left.

Once we found out the prognosis, it was a pretty easy decision to make. Yes, it will break my heart when it's his time to go, but I want to make his last few months the best he's ever had. He will be spoiled rotten in the time he has and loved with all my heart.

The clinic did X-rays of his body to see how far the cancer has spread and they didn’t see anything! They didn’t see any cancer in his spine or bones. His bladder was quite full so it was hard to see all his organs, but things looked good from what they could see – bladder, spleen, lungs, etc. all looked great! They did mention that it can be very hard to detect cancer in organs via an x-ray, but things looked pretty good! We re-weighed him, and he’s gained weight since surgery, so that’s positive. He was 6.27 kg before the surgery, but a few ounces of that was probably the mass, so he actually weighed less than that. Today he was 6.4 kg. Always a great sign when a cat is comfortable enough to eat well at the vet’s!

We are so thankful that we have George in our lives and are able to give him the love and care that he deserves. He is such a special boy and we can't imagine him being anywhere else but with us.

Follow George’s story at: 1EyedGeorge

Every day, animals are abused, neglected, and left to suffer. For many, SAFE Team Rescue is the only hope they have. Without SAFE Team, many would die in pain, alone and scared, and never knowing what love was.

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