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I have always had animals in my life; they have always been a huge love of mine. Watching the news sometimes makes me nauseous. I have never been able to understand what power people get from causing animals harm. We are the most superior species on this planet and yet, we are the worst. We purposely destroy and harm. We have a voice and the power to change the world, even if it is for one animal or for one tree, we must not stay quiet.

Administrative Director: Erika Lahti


I have a year of volunteer experience prior to Berkeley’s Place. I was a foster parent and the barn cat coordinator - helping stray kitties get off the streets into warm barns and in some cases rehabilitated into furever homes. I love being the voice of these animals, they deserve so much more than the hand they were dealt – being handed a death sentence because people let their unaltered cats roam or abandon their pets on the streets, just isn’t right.

I am well on my way to being a crazy cat lady. I have three cats, who quite literally, control my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Oliver was found as a very sick, emaciated kitten in an industrial area in July 2012. He had run out in front of my car and I spent the better part of a half hour in the gross, muddy ditch looking for this little kitten who just saw his life flash before his eyes. I wasn’t sure at the time that I was quite ready for a pet, I was young, I worked all the time and it seemed like I was never home. When he looked at me as if to say thank you, I knew I needed him as much as he needed me.

Wookie was found by my sister in her backyard along with four siblings the following June. My sister believes their mom had been hit by a car. I ended up fostering the kittens for two months to make sure they were big and healthy to get the spay/neuter surgeries so they could get adopted out at EHS. Wookie was about half the size of his siblings when I found them and I knew he needed special attention. I would spend time with him alone throughout the day, giving him extra food and letting him socialize and play with Oliver. He and Oliver were soon inseparable and I just couldn’t let him go… so Oliver got a brother.

Pearl is my newest. I picked her up from Vet Emerg on September 26th, 2014, where she was surrendered by her previous owners. She came to me sick with “abdominal pain” and on meds but she quickly took a turn for the worse. She wasn’t moving or eating, I slept with her on the bathroom floor for three nights before she was well enough to move. She went to a partnered Petsmart shortly after and was up for adoption for about 4 months. Everyone loved her, she has a sassy attitude and adorable quirks. However, it seemed she had her own agenda, as everyone who took one on one time with her got cranky, mean Pearl. When I would go visit, the ladies at Petsmart always told me she was a different cat when I was there. It was her time for a break from the store so I went to pick her up, it seems like everyone knew that day that she was going home.

Berkeley’s has allowed and encouraged me to be the voice for the voiceless. I am empowered to change the world. We stand together in our goal, “No animal should ever suffer, go hungry or be without a warm bed and unconditional love.” Will you stand with us too?


Chubby Kitty Catnip Train

Baby Wookie

Oliver - 3 Weeks After I found him



Wookie - Always Upside Down