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Gordon Courtney is a graduate of NAIT’s Instrumentation Engineering Technology program. But has found more work in the coin and currency industry and the security systems industry as a field service technician. With over 30 years of service technician experience he has dealt with a multitude of customer service issues in the residential and commercial/industrial environments.

Director: Gordon Courtney

I remember my first dog named Toby. I was so young that I didn’t really know how to treat a pet. I fed him and played with him (when I wanted to, of course), and when needed I walked him. But like most children I didn’t fully understand the need for a deeper commitment and love for him. I remember the day my mother came home, and I asked if she had seen Toby. She broke down and cried when she told me that he had been put down for distemper that afternoon. Years would pass, and I would think of him and how I didn’t do him right by spending the right amount of quality time with him.

When I was living alone and working, I often thought of getting another pet. But I would stop myself as my work hours and travel were not conducive the owning of a pet. After all, that pet would be locked in an apartment for either hours or days without contact. I know, I could have gotten someone to come in and check on the animal but then it would not really be my pet but someone else’s. If I tell you that I’m not really a cat person, then you can understand better some of my reluctance.

No don’t get me wrong, I’m not a cat hater – I just like dogs better. After all I had a friend that I shocked when I went over to his place and his “killer cat” that hates everybody, layed down on my lap looking for attention. The term double-take took on a new meaning for that occurrence.

I’ve always wanted to get a house that would allow me to get a dog. But the first house I would move into as an adult turned out to be with Lillian, and she had a cat and two birds. Good thing that cat named Spook was a good judge of character, I’m still married to that amazing woman.

But life changes and so did the collection of pets in the house. Eventually we got a dog named Berkeley. Berkeley became the dog I connected with. He was the one I would take for walks around the block and around the park, he’s the one I would correct his posture while walking because he had suffered a spinal cord injury with a previous owner.

Shortly after that we got another dog and then quickly another. They became our family and we their pack. We watched as they grew. Berkeley learned to go down the stairs and Belle learned to go out past the front of the house. And La’Toya (‘Toya for short) just wanted to go everywhere. But as I said, life changes. Berkeley was put down because of ruptured corneas and ‘Toya and Belle because of heart complications.

Buttons came to us before Belle passed and she was able to instruct him in the finer points of this house. Then came Bandit and finally our failed foster Benney. Bandit became the replacement to Berkeley for me. He’s the one who greets me at the door to go out, the one who sleeps close to me, the one who won’t let me crawl into bed without his bedtime snack. He’s the one whom I’m always petting and stroking. And that is our home right now.

I’m a loving pet owner who will get on the floor with their pets to be with “them on their level”. After all, sitting on the floor is not so bad when you have something to lean against.

I feel I bring a sense of stability and common sense to the board of Berkeley’s Place and look forward to helping with the background operation of the Foundation in whatever fashion my skills and gifting’s will allow.


Berkeley - just adopted

LaToya - ever watchful

Belle, the Matriarch of our clan

Buttons, Belle and Bandit

Benny - Our Newest Boy