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Julianna has two years of experience volunteering with Berkeley’s Place.

She volunteered in the past three Project Purr events where she helped build shelters for feral cats, and educate people about feral cats in Edmonton.

She also volunteered at the 2016, and 2017 Wine and Whiskers gala where she helped set up the silent auctions.

Director: Julianna Wickins

Through the Make 150 count program Julianna turned $150.00 into $2500.00 by selling paracord bracelets that she handmade. The money went to 5 rescue organiztions Northern Alberta Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, Project Purr, Precious Rabits, Begal Paws, and Calican Rescue. She is determined to make an impact in the animal rescue community and help save the lives of animal in need of help.

Growing up animals have always been a major part of my life. I grew up with rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, and even a frog. By the time I moved out I was living in a household with ten pets! My mom has always made it her mission to adopt the animals that she believed may not have a chance at finding a home. This made me see the true beauty, strength and intelligence of these incredible animals we share our lives with.

From adopting a blind dog, who memorized the entire layout of our house, and would run around our house knowing where each doorway, chair and table stood made me realize how brilliant these animals are. We then adopted a dog that was born with a disfigured paw that had to be amputated leaving her with only three legs. I have watched her sprint full tilt to get to her favorite place in the world, the pond. She will spend an hour in there swimming around feeling absolutely weightless and carefree. I watched our two three legged cats learn how to catch mice, and dragonflies in the backyard and learn how to work around the challenges that they face in their lives.

I now live with just one cat, my 10 year old baby Melanie. When we adopted her she was an old and isolated cat that would only socialize with me. Now she is a crazy high energy, loud and very opinionated girl that I owe so much to. I have learned the strength and adaptability of these beautiful creatures, and I have witnessed firsthand the power and resilience of these struggling animals. I want to give every animal the chance to overcome their challenges and find a loving home like the amazing animals that I grew up with. Every animal deserves a chance to be loved regardless of their physical or mental capability.

It is my goal here at Berkeley’s Place to make a difference and do everything that I possibly can through fundraisers, initiatives, reform in the community, and educating the public I want to lower the amount of homeless and euthanized animals in this community.

I am honoured to be working with these amazing people at Berkeley’s Place, because I know that together we can continue to make an impact and change the lives of animals across Edmonton and the surrounding area.


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