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Rescued Animal of the Month: December 2015:

Each month we will feature a rescued animal success story.

Luigi's Story:

I was asked to foster a kitten; I had two cats, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits, and 2 birds. But this little guy could not be adopted out just yet due to a bad infection and there was no one else to take him in.

So he came into our house. We looked after him and took him to the vet for his neutering. Soon he was ready to be adopted; but he was much smarter then we were and found a way into our hearts from day one. When I did up the photos for the web site to find him a forever home, I showed my husband and he said no - don’t send them - we will adopt him. That was two years ago and he has been a true joy. Just an easy foster that became a family member.

This is baby Luigi when we first got him with Gizmo (dog) and Zazzu. (bird) I think they were having a meeting on how the family dynamics work. - Karen

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