"And some angels are in the form of our pets, who come into our lives to bring us unconditional love and companionship."

At times we receive negative feedback regarding why our focus is only on the animals that are in need and not human lives which are more important. Our response is always – human and animal lives are all important and we care for all of those who are in need but our passion lies with those who have no voice. We speak for them but is that enough….

We consider ourselves to be just two of the many Earth Angels that are everywhere helping all forms of the living be it a person or animal. Upon discussing how we want to move forward as Earth Angels, we both realized from recent experiences we have had, that somehow we would like to help those and their companion animals that need a helping hand.

According to the 2014 survey done by Homeward Trust Edmonton, 2,252 people are without a home in the City of Edmonton. Of those, it is anticipated approximately 5% have companion animals. 

Lillian's Experience Cheryl's Experience Earth Angel Helpersacks

Earth Angel Helpersacks

We came up with the idea of Earth Angel Helpersacks.

The major problem facing the homeless is finding housing or shelters that will allow pets, forcing many to stay on the streets rather than leave their pets behind. Most homeless shelters do not have the resources in place to help companion animals.

Many fear if they cannot provide an address, their pets will not be returned to them if they take advantage of foster programs or shelter initiatives for their pets.

For the homeless, pets are their lifeline - a companion, offering unconditional love and acceptance and in some cases, security against robbery, assault or violence while living on the streets. A companion animal gives them a reason to live especially if they are alone or battling issues such as depression.

Society often does not grasp the impact separating a family or a person from a pet can have. Many homeless will spend what little resources they acquire on food for their animal and in most cases; a companion animal has helped them overcome addiction issues.

Working closely with Alberta Helping Animals Society (inner-city pet food bank), Berkeley's Place will distribute Earth Angel Helpersacks to vulnerable people living on the streets of Edmonton and their companion animals. The Helpersacks will contain items to help the vulnerable and their companion animals.

Get Involved!

Stuck for ideas on how you can help?

  • If you see abuse, report it!
  • Donate a pet bed / towels / blankets.
  • Donate litter/scratching post/tower.
  • Donate financially.
  • Donate a crate/portable dog run or doggy seatbelt.
  • Donate a food dish, leash or collar, treats or a bag of food.
  • Donate grooming supplies.
  • Donate a raffle item.
  • Donate to veterinary expenses.
  • Have a yard sale and donate the money.
  • Volunteer to do rescue/foster in your area.
  • Donate a bottle of bleach/other cleaning products.
  • Pay for a dog to go to obedience class/ groomer.
  • Lend your artistic talents to the rescues.
  • Donate printer paper, envelopes and stamps.
  • Get some friends together to build/repair dog houses.