Earth Angel Helpersacks

"And some angels are in the form of our pets, who come into our lives to bring us unconditional love and companionship."

Lillian's Experience Cheryl's Experience Earth Angel Helpersacks

Cheryl’s experiences, sometimes on a daily basis, inner city homelessness around her downtown work office and surrounding businesses:

Recently during one of Edmonton’s cold spells I drove my car into the outside parking a lot of my physiotherapist office for an appointment, I found two men beside the outside underground parkade exhaust vent trying to warm themselves.

In fact one was trying to sleep and the other man was drying 6 pairs of socks tucked into the vents. As I got out of my car the one man drying his socks, started to apologize that he was there but he said he needed to dry his socks. All I could say it is OK. As I walked away from him and went into my appointment it made me think how blessed I am that I have a good job in which provides me with a home, car, food, clothing and warmth.

All through my appointment all I could think about was the man drying his socks and the other one trying to sleep, they both were so cold and not dressed warmly but how could I help them at the moment….it came to me as I was leaving the office across the street was a 7-11, I could buy hot chocolate and some food for them. Oh, I had hoped that they were still there as I walked back to my car.

Unfortunately, they were not but there was a different guy there trying to get warm. So here I had four extra large hot chocolates but only one person do give them too. I had opened my car door setting the hot chocolates downand turned around to ask this man if he would like some hot chocolate. He responded to me with this huge smile and said do you like hot chocolate too? I just smiled back and said yes I like hot chocolate too. So handed him the hot chocolate and placed my hand on his elbow and said please enjoy this and blessings to you. He just smiled and took the hot chocolate, I then noticed he wasn’t wearing a hat or gloves. As I turned around to go back into my car I turned to wave good bye to him but he was turned around in the corner and I got the distinct impression he was praying.

I knew at that moment that I had to do more besides buying hot chocolate but what could I do, I didn’t have a huge bank account to donate money but I could do little things to help at the moment. Now, I carry in my car a package of new warm socks, hats and gloves so the next time I see someone needing those items I can help at the moment.

But those men from that cold day were still on my mind and the next time I visited Lil, I told her the story and expressed how I would love to help more, but how? We had such a amazing visit that day discussing ideas of how to help those that need a extra hand and companion animals.

Get Involved!

Stuck for ideas on how you can help?

  • If you see abuse, report it!
  • Donate a pet bed / towels / blankets.
  • Donate litter/scratching post/tower.
  • Donate financially.
  • Donate a crate/portable dog run or doggy seatbelt.
  • Donate a food dish, leash or collar, treats or a bag of food.
  • Donate grooming supplies.
  • Donate a raffle item.
  • Donate to veterinary expenses.
  • Have a yard sale and donate the money.
  • Volunteer to do rescue/foster in your area.
  • Donate a bottle of bleach/other cleaning products.
  • Pay for a dog to go to obedience class/ groomer.
  • Lend your artistic talents to the rescues.
  • Donate printer paper, envelopes and stamps.
  • Get some friends together to build/repair dog houses.