Earth Angel Helpersacks

"And some angels are in the form of our pets, who come into our lives to bring us unconditional love and companionship."

Lillian's Experience Cheryl's Experience Earth Angel Helpersacks

Lillian’s experience was while she was working as an Administrator with Charlee's Angels for the Animals:

On December 31, 2014, I received a call from Charlee in which she received information that there was a potential abandoned vehicle with multiple cats inside. Charlee and I rushed to location of this vehicle, upon arriving on scene; we found a motor home in a bad state of disrepair with 8 cats inside. Police and the fire department were dispatched to assess the situation but were unable to remove the vehicle at that time as it looked like the cats were being fed and had water. So after standing outside in the cold for approximately five hours networking with the authorities and Little Cats Lost rescue to remove the cats, a young lady appeared. 

We learned that she and her husband were traveling from Nova Scotia to B.C. to start a new life when their vehicle broke down here in Edmonton, her husband had a job which he was walking twenty blocks there and back each day. His job was their only income and they were trying to save to either repair the motor home or buy another used one to make it to his family in British Columbia. Now how this motor home had ever made it across Canada was a miracle and obviously there were many earth and highway angels with them on their journey. We tried unsuccessfully to convince this young lady to place her cats temporarily with a rescue until they were able to get on their feet again and obtain warm living accommodations that would allow the cats. She was in tears as she explained to us that these cats were her children, her everything and if she didn’t have them with her she didn’t know how she would carry on. 

That day many earth angels showed their compassion for this family and their cats by going to the local mall and purchasing warm clothing, bedding, food for them and the cats. Later on in the weekend there were other earth angels that came to their aid with minor repairs to the motor home which provide them heat. This young lady's story was Lil’s inspiration.

Get Involved!

Stuck for ideas on how you can help?

  • If you see abuse, report it!
  • Donate a pet bed / towels / blankets.
  • Donate litter/scratching post/tower.
  • Donate financially.
  • Donate a crate/portable dog run or doggy seatbelt.
  • Donate a food dish, leash or collar, treats or a bag of food.
  • Donate grooming supplies.
  • Donate a raffle item.
  • Donate to veterinary expenses.
  • Have a yard sale and donate the money.
  • Volunteer to do rescue/foster in your area.
  • Donate a bottle of bleach/other cleaning products.
  • Pay for a dog to go to obedience class/ groomer.
  • Lend your artistic talents to the rescues.
  • Donate printer paper, envelopes and stamps.
  • Get some friends together to build/repair dog houses.