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Rescued Animal of the Month: February 2016:

Each month we will feature a rescued animal success story.

Fiezi's Story:

This is Fiezi, she’s a red collard lorikeet that was hatched January 2015.

She is a bright, energetic, fun loving bird that loves to play. She has a brother (Osti) that she lives with right now and they get along and play good together however they do not necessarily get along with other birds. Fiezi and Osti can be separated because they are not a bonded pair.

Lorikeets do have special dietary needs which needs to be considered when thinking about bringing one into the home. They are also much messier than a typical parrot is. Lorikeets are not overly loud, but they can produce a high pitched noise at times.

Fiezi is outgoing, loves to bounce around and explore everything. She is playful and loves bright shiny jewelry. Bathing is really fun for her too!

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