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Rescued Animal of the Month: May 2015:

Each month we will feature a rescued animal success story.

Miss Maggie Mae's Story

It started with watching Global Edmonton morning news on May 7, 2011. Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) shows their adoptable animals each Saturday and that day there were four puppies that were going to be at the adoption event. Thoughts were that they were a husky cross – my thoughts were they were Norwegian elkhound cross pups, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell my husband. He wasn’t home so I texted him a message and I went to the gym.

When I got home I was so excited I just couldn’t speak, but finally I told my husband about the puppies.

It had been 7 years since the passing of my Keesha, I was missing in my heart a dog and walking companion for the trails nearby. After finally explaining to my husband – he looked at me and very seriously said “go get your puppy”. I was so surprised that I started to cry. Little, did I know he had gone to the SCARS website prior to read about these puppies.

It seemed to take forever to get to the adoption event but it must have been meant to be, because only two puppies were left; Corona and Margarita. I snuggled with Corona but I needed to see Margarita because she was the one that caught my eye on the news segment. It was love at the first kiss and chin nibbling from Margarita that made my decision. We are both so grateful that SCARS was there to help Margarita and her siblings because we needed her in our lives. Now I am going to let her tell you the rest of the story.

Hi – Miss Maggi Mae here, formerly Margarita and according to my guardian Maw I am way overdue on writing my Look at Me Now story. So here it goes starting sometime in April of 2011.

I remember waking up happy one morning snuggled in with my warm furry maw, four sisters and brother but suddenly it changed to something not good. Some person took maw away and then we were put into a box and then into a car. We cried loudly for maw but she did not hear us, we just kept crying and wondering what was happening…but it only got worse.

The car came to a stop, the box was lifted out with us still inside and then dropped to the ground. There were different smells, noises and we were crying more, pushing and shoving; I tried to see where we were but the box to tipped over and we all came tumbling out but no one was there. Brrr, it was cold outside and the ground was really wet, we were so scared that we huddled together to stay warm. I am not sure how long this was for but we all eventually fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of a car – oh, maybe the person is back to take us to maw. I started to cry really loudly, then my siblings joined in too, we were so hungry and cold. We then heard a soft voice talking to us and felt gentle hands picking us up. Oh no now where are we going I thought but it was only to a nice warm car where we all fell back to sleep. When we woke up we were in a warm house and someone was asking for help with six very young puppies that were found by the side of the highway.

The person was talking to SCARS and they were going to help us by providing a foster home until we were adopted. My three sisters and I went to a home with foster maw Amie and my other sister and brother went to another home. We were given names, I was Margarita and my sister was called Corona. A couple of weeks later we were taken to a place called Global Edmonton to be on TV, this would help us find our forever homes. I got to sit on the volunteers lap while she talked about me and my sisters, then it was off to the adoption event where we would meet people that may give us a forever home.

I was so tired and I really wanted to go back to foster maw’s house but I needed to be a big girl by being all cute and cuddley. It was after two of my sisters were gone to their forever homes that I decided to have a nap but it was cut short, because a person came in with a big smile and was excited that Corona and I were still there. I didn’t think much of it because Corona was being picked up by this person but then I was being picked up and couldn’t help myself but I gave the person a big puppy kiss and chin nibble. There was laughter, a tight hug and the words that I thought I wouldn’t hear that day – I will take Margarita!

Now Maw likes margarita’s but she wanted something a bit easier for me to understand so I became Maggi, then Maggi Mae and now I am Miss Maggi Mae the Diva. I am not sure if like this diva part of my name..... but Maw says it suits me because I eat only the best food, I have my own private club I go to (Sadie’s K9 Stay & Play dog daycare), private canine school, was Miss March 2013 for the SCARS calendar, greeter for SCARS fundraiser events and well known at the vets office for all of my silly mishaps that I have.

Maw is very happy that my adoption fee included 30 days of pet insurance and that she continued to keep the insurance because of these mishaps. She said it is very important for fur guardians to have insurance because anything can happen to us furbabies. I can certainly attest to that because I’ve had five mishaps where emergency vet care was need in my four years.

I have the best life for a rescue dog and I my only wish is for all of the other rescued animals to find a forever home just as good as mine.

PS ….you may see me around because I also work with Maw at different fundraising events and I hope to do more with my friends Bandit, Buttons and Benny at Berkeley’s Place or I might see you at the 11th Annual Tails on the Trails fundraiser for SCARS on June 13, 2015.

Love Miss Maggi Mae

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