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Rescue of the Month: Dec 2016:

Each month we will feature one of the wonderful Animal Rescues that we support.

Animal Rescue

Sundance Canine Rescue Society

Sundance Canine Rescue Society (Sundance CRS) is a Registered Charity. We make a great effort to provide refuge to dogs who are unwanted, homeless and in need of a place away from cruelty and neglect. We Spay/Neuter all dogs before they get adopted.

Vision: Provide a safe haven for all of Alberta's abused, neglected, and unwanted canines.

Mission: Working with members of Alberta's communities to educate on responsible pet ownership, helping them by removing the unwanted and neglected dogs and hosting adoption events to re-home the rehabilitated canines.

Animal Rescue Animal Rescue Animal Rescue Animal Rescue

We focus mainly on First Nations canines requiring assistance, but do help out other rescues and shelters in Alberta.

Sundance Canine Rescue Society works in three ways:

(1) Removing/Re-homing Stray, unwanted Dogs

(2) Responsible pet ownership education

(3) Spay/neuter animals before adoption

These communities have hundreds to thousands of unfixed dogs that are suffering the consequences of overpopulation – starvation, diseased animals, dog aggression problems, and other standard issues associated with unfixed populations.

Visit the website: Sundance Canine Rescue Society

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