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Rescue of the Month: April 2016:

Each month we will feature one of the wonderful Animal Rescues that we support.

Animal Rescue Animal Rescue

Furry Hobos N Hiway Heros

Dogs may not have opposable thumbs, but that doesn’t keep them from hitchhiking across Canada in search of a new home and family.

Furry Hobos N Hiway Heros is a non-profit organization founded by former truck driver Margaret Foster Hyde after she experienced challenges and high costs in transporting dogs to her home and haven for cocker spaniels. Furry Hobos N Hiway Heroes is a group of volunteer truck drivers who help transport rescue dogs (and cats!) all over the country. When it comes to good causes, you’ll usually find truckers offering their support. When it comes to dogs, there’s no higher calling for this group of highway heros helping get strays and surrenders to new homes across the country.

By tapping into her connections in the trucking industry and with guidance from other creative animal transportation organizations such as Western Air Angels and Pilots and Paws, Foster-Hyde got Furry Hobos N Hiway Heros up and running two years ago.

Using multiple drivers for different legs of the journey and teaming up with air transportation organizations allows her to send a dog almost anywhere in Canada with the organization now branching into the United States. Furry Hobos N Hiway Heros allows for dogs to get a second chance in areas with few adoptable dogs and to really “spread the doggy love around.”

Animal Rescue Animal Rescue Animal Rescue

Adhering to the rules set by Pilots N Paws, it is a requirement that rescues send the current health records from the veterinarian and the vaccination history for the animal being transported. An up-to-date rabies certificate and negative HW test for all animals over 12 months of age prior to day of transport is also required. Animals must wait a minimum of 14 days after vaccinations (to ensure parvovirus does not surface) and if the transported animal(s) is a stray from any situation the quarantine must be fulfilled properly.

All transports are volunteer based and drivers do not charge for transport. Because this is a livelihood for the truckers, there is a 20 minute window for pick up or drop off of an animal. A driver will meet the rescue at his/her chosen point.

How does it work? Send us a Facebook message and let us know the animals location and destination. We will try to find someone in that area who can volunteer to pick up them up and take them to their new location. Truckers are willing to advertise so if you are a rescue in need of tranport, send a shirt with your transport and the driver will gladly wear your shirt and share your story!

Visit them on Facebook: Furry Hobos N Hiway Heros

Animal Rescue Animal Rescue Animal Rescue
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