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Rescue of the Month: December 2015:

Each month we will feature one of the wonderful Animal Rescues that we support.

North Peace Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue & Sanctuary

It's hard to imagine that I have been operating for ten years now. The happy faces and lovely dogs that I save is truly a blessing. I started my rescue thinking after having a Berner and being dedicated to them not thinking so many would need rescue. When we first started many moons ago I was lucky enough to possibly save one within a year. In the past three years my numbers have tripled. I have had the privilege of rescuing 27 Berners in total. What started off just staying in BC is now across Canada. So many are dumped in high kill shelters in Quebec at the very old age and seeing them in there just breaks my heart.

Bernese Mtn Dogs are truly the breed that has my heart. I am a huge animal lover. I have always had animals in my life for almost 40 years. Can't imagine not having any at all. I got into Bernese Mtn Dogs due to my hubby having a Bernese as a child. I had malamutes before that. I was heavy involved in dog showing and mushing on my spare time. I absolutely love the outdoors. When I started having my family and all my fur kids were getting into the senior years and passed away from old age I decided I was going to bring a Berner into my life. I was hooked instantly. The love they have and companionship for their family I was absolutely in love with. If they could wear you as clothes they honestly would.

As I started with my rescue we have had some tough cases. Some Berners come in with extreme behavioural issues, some come in with extreme health issues. We have had two cases of heart worm and full of tumours.

They have needed to be in care for awhile before they would ever be ready for adoption. If the behaviour is aggression then we give them their forever home. I am a certified animal behaviourist so we get them into a behavioural modification program and they are doing wonderful. I don't give up on anyone of them. I am very dedicated to my cause and giving these wonderful beautiful and loving dogs the forever that they need whether if that is suppose to be with me or my close adoptive families. We are all united by our love of Berners!

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