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Rescue of the Month: January 2016:

Each month we will feature one of the wonderful Animal Rescues that we support.

Alberta Lost Pet Locators and Rescue Society

Animal Rescue Animal Rescue Animal Rescue

Our rescue journey started shortly after my dog and best friend Zoe, a little Chihuahua, went missing. The one good thing that her disappearance has done for me is given me the hope and the desire to help other people find their lost pets and help furry friends in need by either providing them with a safe haven or helping them to find a forever loving home. This is how Alberta Lost Pet Locators and Rescue Society was born.

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Being a Certified Pet Detective, dog trainer, certified dog groomer and vet assistant, together with a group of dedicated board members and volunteers has greatly helped me make ALPL the successful venture that it has now become.

ALPL includes assisting lost / found pets to be reunited with their guardians via 3 lost/found Facebook listing pages, giving free consultation on lost pet's behavior and the proper techniques who should be used to give one the outmost chances to bring a lost pet home safely and when possible, conducting / helping with on sites lost pet searches.

It also includes operating a small Small Breeds Dog Sanctuary for unadoptable small breed dogs and small German Shepherd Sanctuary. We also have an All Breeds Dog Rescue. To this date our main focus was to be the place where AB / SK rescues were dropped off, quarantined, assessed, rehabilitated then transferred to other rescue organizations we work with.

Our rescue's new goal is to now not only still be the drop off/ quarantine rehabilitation facility but also to place most furry friends in need into forever loving homes ourselves. We now have developed a good network of volunteers / foster homes that greatly help us reach our new goal.

Our rescue is situated on 60 acres on the outskirts of Drumheller and is fully licensed, vet and County approved. Our venture is financed by ourselves via our personal income and also via now offering boarding services and adoption fees once our rescue dogs are placed in their forever loving homes, fundraisers, generous donations of food and supplies by Berkeley's Place, monetary and goods donations by individuals who generously help us make miracles happen.

Our Facebook Page: Click here to visit our facebook page and view adoptable animals.

Animal Rescue Animal Rescue Animal Rescue
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