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Rescue Wish List:

Working with local animal rescues, our goal is to ease the burden created due to lack of resources so that more funding can be put into critical medical care.

Donations graciously being accepted for:

- Wet and dry dog/cat/kitten/puppy food

- New and used wire crates/kennels

- Dog beds

- Collars and leashes (no choke, shock or prong collars will be accepted)

- Greenies pill pockets

- Smoked bones/chewy bones/bully sticks etc. (*No rawhides please)

- Biscuits, training and soft treats (*No product from China will be accepted)

- Clumping litter

- Thunder shirts (dog anxiety jacket) all sizes

- Heavy duty dog toys (Kong, tire biter, tug ropes, etc.)

- Parrot/small bird food (Hagen/Zupreme), cockatiel seed, egg pellets, seed blend mixes, wild bird seed/suet

- Bird and reptile supplies

- Seed sticks/millet sprays/chew sticks & food for parrots/rabbits/gerbils/hamsters

- Timothy Hay

- Pee pads / waste bags

- Puppy/kitten formula

- Cleaning supplies (paper towels, laundry detergent, disposable gloves, bleach, dish soap, antibacterial wipes etc.)

Farm Rescue Wish List:

- Grooming Supplies (brushes, combs, hoof picks, etc.)

- Vet supplies (bandages, vet wrap, gauze, etc.)

- Panomec Dewormer

- Eqvalan Gold Dewormer

- Fiskes Hoof & Hide Balm

- Halters (all sizes)

- Lead Ropes (cotton with snap, no chains please)

- Fly Masks

- Fly Turnout Sheets

- Hay tarps

- Heated pet waterers

- Buckets for Feed & Water

- Metal water troughs

- Coconut oil

- Hoffmans minerals

- Extension cords rated to -40 winters

- rolled oats

- rolled barley

- cracked corn

- alfalfa cubes

- chicken feed

- Nutrena foal pellets

- Nutrena senior pellets

- Step 6 and Step 8 horse feed

- Hay cubes

- Pig Feed (step 4 crunch)

*For safety and due to manufacturing recalls, we cannot accept the following: opened food/treats, treats from China or any rawhide products.