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Our Mandate:

Our mandate at Berkeley's Place has always been to end animal suffering. However, unfortunately in this down economy, the oil and gas industry are not the only ones affected. Our rescues are seeing the impact as well.

This has seen an increase in the number of rescues seeking assistance from organizations like ours. We believe in being accountable to the general public and to our corporate sponsors for donations received. While there are many well-intentioned individuals and organizations helping animals, it is the policy of Berkeley's Place to provide food, supplies and/or support to only non-profit or CRA registered rescues.

While being a non-profit or federally registered charity doesn’t necessarily mean an organization is better or worse than another, guidelines must be followed to maintain that status. We want to ensure that the organizations we network with are transparent in their day-to-day operations, are not brokers for puppy mills or "rescuing" animals by removing them without permission from target communities. 

We have forged good relationships with the rescues currently on our network who are either Alberta registered or CRA registered. It will be at the discretion of the Board to grant, refuse or revoke assistance.

If you qualify and would like to apply to the network, please fill in our rescue application form using the link below.

Click here for more information on the rules governing rescue charities.

Are you a registered AB or CRA Charity? Would you like to be added to our list? Click on the link below to apply.

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