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Rescued Animal of the Month: September 2015:

Each month we will feature a rescued animal success story.

Sasha's Story:

A desperate plea from a desperate owner who exhausted every resource available to them. Despite being fabulous owners, this was a case of Sasha having Rottie dominance and stubbornness combined with heeler energy levels and intelligence. But hope prevailed …

Our dog Sasha is now scheduled to be put down tomorrow at 4:15pm MST. Understand, we are OUT of options here and have tried EVERYTHING (boarding, training, etc.) at great expense. If there is a SUITABLE home for her out there, please speak up NOW. If you know of a SUITABLE home for her, share this information with them NOW!!!!! She has very recently made a sport out of attacking our pre-existing female dog while in the house. My wife and I have both bled profusely multiple times intervening. Our pre-existing female had to be walked up to the vet yesterday to be stitched up after the most recent incident, since the transmission on our only vehicle blew out earlier in the week and we cannot afford to fix it.

This is the ONLY context in which she agresses. She is the most snuggly, obedient dog you could hope for in all other situations...including off leash at the park WITH our pre-existing female. They play like they're old friends there!!! I share this information in the interest of full disclosure, so that any potential home will very clearly understand she must be the only dog and must have a calm, assertive leader. I have tried every rescue organization I can find in Alberta. Twenty plus at this point. None are in a position to help, and I will not leave her to die alone in an institution without a familiar, loving face to look at as she leaves this world simply because I can't handle it. Trust me, I can't, and don't know how I'm going to. Please don't make me follow through with what I so whole-heartedly disagree with tomorrow, she deserves better. Don't continue to let me and her down world.

***UPDATE*** ... Thank you to all who contributed positive support and concern. The outpouring of support has been no less than mind boggling. I have a new found respect for public relations departments. Sasha will be transfered to Swan Hills tomorrow. She will be in good hands until a suitable, single dog home can be found for her. I am eternally grateful to EVERYONE who contributed in a productive way to the positive outcome we have been seeking for so very long. We have poured everything we have (mentally, physically, financially, etc.) in to Sasha for almost a year and even though I'm tearing up at the thought of her leaving, I am so very happy it will be towards the home she deserves. Over the coming weeks (yes, the volume of communications has really been that large), I hope to thank everyone individually, but it will be a busy couple of days for the short term, so please bear with me. For now, I need to get some sleep. I have never been on an emotional roller coaster of this magnitude. I simply want to thank each and every one of you who were positive in nature from the bottom of my heart for the time being... ***END UPDATE***

Judith picked up Sasha 4 hours before she was due to be euthanized. Owner Christopher was so nice – he helped with gas and monitored their progress north and kept checking with Judith until she was home. Sasha was transferred into the care of Laurie Restad with Heaven Can Wait. Sasha has now found a new furever home where she is thriving. Her guardian Glenn works outdoors up there somewhere and Sasha warns him if wild animals come out of the bush. She gets plenty of exercise. He has her running 15 mph behind his truck when he is working. She also shares the cab with him, just what she needed.

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