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We love Berkeley's place!

Prior to meeting the wonderful people at Berkeley's we were buying all our dog food for 5 dogs out of our own pockets. Then our rescue really started picking up and we had to rely on donations. Currently, English bull terrier rehab Canada has 6 dogs in care. 5 of these dogs require permanent care and 1 is in rehabilitation. We have had 4 adoptions thus far.. which is amazing considering we are breed specific and bull terriers are relatively "rare" here. One of our dogs requires a special diet of JUST rabbit, 2 can only eat raw as they throw up if they eat anything else, and the other 3 have severe allergies requiring special diets. One of our permanent care dogs is on 5 medications a month, another is on 2 and the cost is around $160 a month just in medication. We have been faced with over $10,000 worth of medical bills in our first year of operation alone which is a great deal considering being a small rescue.

English Bull Terrier Rescue is grateful for the help of Berkeley's place. They take the stress off of food bills cost ( around $670 a month if we were to buy it ourselves) as well as supplies.

If it weren't for Berkeley's place, ebtrc wouldn't be able to continue on month to month financially.

Words cannot express the gratitude, admiration, love, and friendship we feel for each and every one of the Berkeley's place volunteers.

Thank you so so so much for your dedication to rescues... and to the bullies.

Headbutts and kisses

Christina le Breton

President, English Bull Terrier Rescue

(And da bullies!!)

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