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Now, Which One of these Dogs is Right for Me?

So it's time. Time to find love, true love. Time to get that life companion, the one who will always love you unconditionally. However, we're not talking about finding a mate (although hopefully they also will be/are true companions and love you unconditionally).

No, we're talking about taking that big step and welcoming a cute, lovable dog into your home.

Now that you've decided to take that step, what next? For most, this is the beginning of significant frustration, stress and headache:

• "How to choose, from all the dogs in the world (or in this rescue facility), which dog is right for me?"

• "How do I know if my personality and lifestyle is right for a particular dog?"

• "I don't want to have to return it - that would break my heart and damage the ability for the dog to bond easily with another owner."

• "I don't want to make a mistake!"

• "Is there anyone or anything out there who can help me?!"

These and other questions cry out from the depths of your soul, from somewhere deep within, thoughts swimming around the Sea of Specific Anxieties to surface and spew like a humpback whale.

Well, there are several ways to research and discover what dog to pick. Most are hit-and-miss, "best-guess" statements of hope. They take a lot of time, energy and resources to access, and may or may not be truly helpful. Many classification systems don't take into account the personality and lifestyle of the prospective owner, nor do/can they help identify the uniqueness of each dog's personality within breeds. And they're totally at a loss as to how to differentiate the characteristics of "Heinz 57" mutts. "Can't be done," they say.

Well, "THEY" are wrong!

A new workshop called "Canine Colors" is changing the face of prospective owner-to-dog identification. Developed out of the internationally renowned True Colors Personality Identification System, the workshop consists of two parts: Understanding Yourself and Understanding Your Dog.

Understanding Yourself is a modified version of True Colors, where the prospective owner identifies their own personality traits, lifestyle preferences, and behavioral values in order to discover what is desired, important and critical for their chosen dog to have.

Understanding Your Dog is truly revolutionary. Created by a collaboration of True Colors experts and Master Dog Trainers in the United States, this tool not only helps identify the specific characteristics in the dog they wish to have, but helps pinpoint what traits the owners need to have in order for the dog to be most happy. It is an easy way to understand the dog's needs and values, what it is that they need for a high quality of life. It focuses on specific, observable behaviors, not generalizations found within breed classifications, and is therefore applicable to any dog, from the purebred pooch to the magnificent mutt. Now it's possible for owners and prospective owners to really "get inside the head and heart" of their "best buddy."

Best of all, having an idea of what the dog values and needs from the owner to be happy, content and at peace, Canine Colors provides guidance and clues to owners and prospective owners on how to modify their own behavior to match their dog's needs. This is not a class on Behavioral Dog Dynamics, nor can it substitute for invaluable Dog Training programs. But what Canine Colors does do is provide a framework for understanding the possible reasons why your dog is behaving the way he/she is behaving. And that's no doo-doo.

Can a three-and-a-half hour workshop like this change your life? And the quality of life for your dog? Absolutely. Outcomes across North America prove it. More and more dog professionals are using Canine Colors to help prospective owners make the best choice in dog for them (and the dog), and are helping current dog owners enhance the relationship and bond between dog and owner. And in the process, a lot of people are a lot happier with their dogs, and dogs with their owners.

Do you love and appreciate your dog? Or do you want to make the best decision possible in choosing your potential "best friend?" Come explore Canine Colors and see for yourself the difference this workshop makes.

Tyler Orn

Certified Canine Colors Trainer

Compass Ion Consulting

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