That B.I.T.E.S.

Bite Interception Training and Education Seminar

Welcome to That BITES, where the name of the game is to NOT get bit!

The number one reason people get bit, is a lack of understanding what the dog is trying to say.

Increasing safety and reducing risks are two of the easiest ways to reduce the chance of a dog bite.

In the human world our best relationships are centered around a solid communication foundation. What we sometimes forget is that it's the same with our dogs! They are constantly trying to tell us and everyone around ‘what’s up’ but we’re just too busy talking to really listen.

While we will cover them from tip to tail-each part is just a piece in the whole picture. A wagging tail matched with a dog “whale eyeing” is not looking to be your friend.


As a pet guardian, YOU are responsible for preventing your dog from chasing, attacking or biting people or other animals. Dog bites can happen for many reasons, but most commonly as a reaction to something that has left them scared or startled. In addition, bites can occur from a fear reaction from a dog on the street, a teething puppy nipping your hand, an excited dog reaching for a toy or treat, a dog finding itself in a stressful situation where it may bite to defend itself or its territory (or guardian).

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