Berkeley's Crystal Therapy:

Crystals are not only known for their beauty, they are known for their natural healing properties.

Crystals hold a "charge" or energy vibration that is powerful yet completely safe and gentle. Animals sense energy more acutely than humans do and we have found crystal healing to be an effective tool when working with abused rescue animals.

We love our resource booklet called "Crystal Healing for Animals" by Martin J. Scott & Gael Mariani.

We have designed two amulets to help benefit your pet, including birds, reptiles and other companions on their healing journey. We have found that by clipping these to a pet's collar, their kennel or crate, animals respond very quickly to the healing energy of crystals and stones. However, remember to seek medical advice for your pet or animal. Using crystals and stones for healing pets and animals is not, nor should ever replace the advice or treatment of a qualified professional veterinarian.

The Healer contains aventurine, rose quartz, moonstone & amethyst. Aventurine is particularly good for very sensitive and nervous animals. Aventurine is a powerful tool in healing past traumas especially in animals that have suffered abuse and governs the heart chakra. Rose quartz is wonderful for strays, traumatized animals and any animal coming through rescue. Rose quartz will help your pet learn to accept love and compassion without fear as it governs the heart chakra. Moonstone governs the sacral and solar plexus. It is an excellent stone for stabilizing emotions, regulating hormones, assisting pregnant or nursing females or orphaned youngsters. Amethyst is used for everything from pain to disorientation. It helps clear negative energy, calms rattled nerves and is an all around healer. Amethyst governs the brow, crown chakra.

The Protector contains obsidian, black tourmaline, lapis lazuli & blue lace agate. Obsidian (also referred to as Apache Tears) helps to desensitize pets that overreact to traffic and noise. It is a wonderful stone for feral/abused animals and is great for reptile owners as it absorbs negative energy and heat. Black tourmaline governs the base chakra. It helps feral animals adapt to being brought into a human environment, guards against human emotional negativity and realigns the physical body. It is also an excellent stone for small caged animals such as gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and birds. Lapis Lazuli governs the throat or brow chakra. It helps with depression, low energy, respiratory problems. As an animal releases emotional negativity, it helps to flush toxins from the body and mind. Blue lace agate also governs the throat chakra. It helps promotes sleep, calms anxious pets and boosts self esteem. It is also used to help calm "grumpy" or vocal pets.

Amulets are $20 each plus applicable shipping costs. Each amulet is designed by the artisan and no two are alike.

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