Our Dream:

My lifelong dream has been to open a healing ranch and work with animals. This would be a not-for-profit organization with any financial donations going towards maintaining the buildings and facilities that house animals in care.

We are not a rescue organization – rather we wish to partner with rescues – we are not equipped to be a sanctuary for behaviorally or medically challenged animals, rather, we are a safe haven where if needed, an animal can find respite and safety until a foster home opens up through a rescue, or, a place to live out their lives in peace and safety. Aging animals, unwanted animals that cannot be re-homed or who are at risk of being euthanized/destroyed or animals whose owners have become ill or passed where there is no home to place the animal in are welcome to come live at the ranch. We do not adopt out animals but will work with rescues in a foster capacity.

My best friend of 35 years has studied Theta healing, Access Consciousness and other mediums of healing and is an animal communicator. She has worked primarily with equine therapy and has now started to work with dogs since my husband and I began to rescue hard to adopt dogs.

I have studied healing in humans from a psychological, emotional and spiritual level. Our combined experiences and knowledge have been a compliment when applying these techniques to animals.

I have recently begun to study crystal and oil therapy for animals and have found that like humans, animals respond well to crystal and energy work.

Being raised on a very pioneer farm I grew up knowing a sustainable way of life. As I grow older my spirit is calling me back to that way of life.

We have been discussing what we call “the ranch”. Our vision is to have a co-op type community where we grow our own food – vegetable gardens, strawberry and raspberry patches, raising chickens for free range eggs and getting back to a simpler approach to life – canning, preserving, making whole foods from scratch and limiting the amount of preserved and processed foods we consume.

The idea is to simplify our lives and in doing so, find healing and a more peaceful way of life.

One of the visions I was given was a bird's eye view of the layout of the land. All the buildings were strategically placed in the position of a medicine wheel. In the center was a large ranch style home with private residences on either side and a large commercial kitchen, office and meeting room in the center. There is a circular driveway coming up to the ranch house and an old hound dog will amble out to meet you.

The common area in the home will have a large stone fireplace which encourages meeting and socializing. A large commercial kitchen, walk-in pantry and dining room with a table that can accommodate up to 40 people will be present in the center.

Being a caregiver to my mom for the past 10 years, I have come to realize the limitations that new home construction has. The home itself would have extra-wide hallways and be fully wheelchair and handicap accessible, for ourselves as we age, for our pets and for guests of the ranch to be comfortable.

On the property itself will be :

- stables for the equine therapy;
- a small general store for artisans to showcase their work and for guests to purchase oils, crystals, sage, etc.
- kennels available for rescue organizations if they find themselves in need of short term foster placement or a safe place   to take an animal until such time as suitable fosters can be found.
- We would like to set up an agility track as we have found that to be extremely helpful when working with feral dogs or dogs suffering from anxiety;
- cat sanctuary;
- 2 small cabins for guests of the ranch; that can accommodate up to 4 people plus 2 guest rooms in the main ranch house;
- grooming facilities
- herb garden to grow our own herbs, sage, lavender, catnip

Getting back in touch with nature during the summer months we would host full moon drumming.

The vision:
- a sustainable farm utilizing solar panels, geothermal heat; generator back up
- growing as much of our own food as possible
- like minded people who are willing to help plant and harvest a community garden

Giving back:
- once a year host a healing retreat – Friday, Saturday, Sunday – pets and people welcome
- once a year – Thanksgiving? Christmas? - open up the ranch to invite the community to attend for a feast – feeding the poor, homeless, single parents, people who struggle in any aspect of life
- once a year host a volunteer appreciation event
- encourage the community to make donations of blankets, food, supplies etc. that are critical to the survival of a rescue and distribute those items to rescues in need (our community larder)

What are our needs?
- we are seeking land to build the ranch on
- we are seeking investors to help build the co-op
- predator fencing
- kennels
- like minded animal lovers who share our vision who would like to work or live at the ranch
- partnership with a veterinarian
- groomer for dogs/horses

As you can see there are many things that must be factored in to opening a sanctuary but we are committed to seeing the vision unfold where the beaten, abused, often forgotten can come and find refuge.

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