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Katherine Fisher - Heavenly Animal Healing

Please join me in welcoming my friend Katherine Fisher as a partner! Katherine is gifted in the healing art of mudric touch and has used her gift to bring healing to horses, birds, cats and dogs. Katherine offers a unique hands-on healing service to animals.

As well as bringing 20 years experience as an herbalist, iridologist and reflexologist to her work, she now feels there is a phase change and offers a subtle energy healing gift with horses, dogs, and all animals.

"Heavenly Animal Healing" differs from other healing modalities in that it works from "the inside out". It also works very well alongside and can even enhance other healing modalities.

Katherine has found that each animal accepts the healing immediately in a way that most suits its needs. Depending on the animal, we will see emotional, attitudinal and/or physical changes. As well, over time, we begin to see the animal demonstrate slow but sure, inside out healing. Once the inner vitality is stronger, the physical constitution can then begin to hold and maintain structural and organ integrity. (If the animal is naturally moving into an end of life cycle, the healing can also bring pain relief, support, and comfort)

Katherine is drawn to work on specific points through direct touch and/or manipulation. She also finds the animal uses body language to guide her where to place her hands. This stimulates subtle sub-cellular processes and allows the body to balance, relieve pain, detoxify, pacify, calm, rejuvenate, improve structural and functional integrity, and provide preventative care.

Although it is hard to explain this subtle energy sharing, it appears that it accesses the body's innate intelligence network through direct hands-on touch. It is like a natural connecting with no specific intent or expectation. Animals do not block with their minds, so often accept the flow of subtle healing and allow it to work its way up to the physical on its own terms. This opening allows healing to begin. Then as the animal's own energy becomes re-enlivened their body has greater potential to come back to balance throughout the entire nervous, glandular, structural, organ, andorgans systems. And this is why we call it "healing from the inside out."

Katherine's custom herbal blends can then work to support and continue the process of healing, cleansing, and balancing the physical organs, organ systems and whole body.

Katherine can be reached at eaglelight108@gmail.com.

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