Berkeley's Pantry Closet:

Growing up on the farm, my parents had a larder, or pantry, as is more commonly referred to today. This was located in a dug-out basement, shelving lined the stairs and cupboards lined the walls. It was packed full of canned fruits and vegetables, canned or smoked meats, root vegetables, biscuits, flours and grains and of course, the coveted Pop Shoppe sodas.

How important is a well stocked cupboard or pantry for a rescue?

When you think of the number of animals needing help, what many fail to realize is that often times they need medical attention first and foremost. Rescues must have the resources to cover food, medical care, supplies (kennels, collars, leashes, toys, bedding etc.) Sometimes animals are left behind because of a lack of resources or limited resources to care for those intakes.

Berkeley's Place networks with as many individuals and organizations as we can to collect much needed supplies to pass along to rescues in need, thereby freeing up badly needed funding. We like to keep our pantry full so when a call comes in from a rescue or another organization needing help, we can pack up a hamper to pass along which can help the rescue get through even a few days until more resources arrive.

For more information on how you can donate or become a pantry sponsor, please email us at info@berkeleysplace.com

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