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Volunteer of the Month: April 2016:

Berkeley's Volunteer of Month

Alison Bright

Please join me in giving a big round of congratulations to our valued Volunteer of the Month, Alison Bright!!!

Alison, despite her hectic work schedule and being ill with a severe ear infection, still found time to do pickups and deliveries from stores, attended our double day weekend at Pet Valu Baseline and made so many amazing delicious cookies and breads which helped take our bake sale to the next level.

On her many trips to Saskatchewan over the past several months she has graciously been offering transport for dogs needing to be moved from province to province. Alison will be taking a leave of absence from her duties to spend time with her ailing father however while in Saskatchewan, will be networking with rescues to continue to assist with transports and grow our network with rescues in the province.

The dedication to our Foundation while juggling many personal life events makes Alison shine as a valued volunteer. While we are going to miss her smile and laughter, we wholeheartedly support Alison in this next chapter of her life.

"It means so much to be chosen as Berkeley's Place volunteer of the month, thank you!! Working with the Berkeley's team has been a wonderful experience so far and I've met some of the most amazing, caring and passionate people. While sometimes we may have differing opinions, we all understand that we are in this for the same reason - the animals, and are always able to work together toward the same goals. It is very rewarding to know that as a team we are making a difference in educating pet owners, as well as assisting rescue organizations and making their jobs a little easier.

Although I will soon be moving away for awhile, I plan on staying involved worth Berkeley's Place from a distance as much as I can! Thank you for having me in this incredible team!"


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