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Volunteer of the Month: February 2016:

Berkeley's Volunteer of Month

Gordon Courtney

We are pleased to announce our Volunteer of the Month for February is Gordon Courtney! Gordon works tirelessly (even when dead tired) to unload, reload, pack and haul more than his weight in heavy bags of dog food, has given up any hope of a man cave to have a Berkeley's cave including giving up his couch space. He has fixed broken kennels, helps with safety inspections on all equipment coming in for rescues and has put up shelves in every remaining crevice of this house to ensure we can store all the generous donations coming in. He has taken more than his share of bottles to the depot on Saturday morning so we can add a few bucks back into the bank of Berkeley as well as helps with the monthly haul to the eco station.

I could not grow this Foundation without his amazing support. This is my passion and Gordon supports it wholeheartedly, sacrificing his many weekends, not to mention his back, to ensure rescues get the supplies they need. Thank you for being the best "pawrent" to some very needy rescue dogs, and birds, and cats and whatever else I manage to bring home.

Thank you for never rolling your eyes when I yell "STOP" on the freeway so I can make you go check that box in the ditch to be sure there aren't any discarded animals, for understanding that I am somewhat reckless when it comes to advocating for the vulnerable and for always being the voice of reason, a shoulder to cry on and just an all around amazing partner in this venture. Berkeley would be so proud.

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