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Volunteer of the Month: January 2016:

We are pleased to announce our Volunteer of the Month is Creative Director, Stephanie Smith! Stephanie has been my right hand this month - going to pick up donations for helpersacks, picking up food donations from several stores many times over the month and has saved me hours researching halls and getting us a fantastic venue. She is always the first to step in to help if she isn't working. Stephanie was critical in compiling lists of vendor stores/addresses which saved me hours as all I had to do was cut and paste and send off sponsorship letters last fall. Folding flyers, coming to events - all this adds up to time saved for me to handle other pressing matters - like year end.

Stephanie Smith - Creative Director

"It is a great honor to be nominated as Volunteer of the Month! I’ve been involved with rescues for the past few years but Berkeley’s Place is so unique. I love Lillian’s vision. The group of volunteers are amazing and work well together. It’s always fun when we all get together! We all have the main goal: to end animal suffering."


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