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Volunteer of the Month: June 2016:

Berkeley's Volunteer of Month

Judith Paterson

Please join me in giving a big thank you to our valued Volunteer of the Month, Judith Paterson!!!

As a triage nurse with a heavy schedule, it is often hard to physically attend events but that has not stopped Judith from doing so much behind the scenes.

Since December, Judith has logged close to 100 hours doing transports of at risk animals deemed unadoptable moving them from sanctuaries and rescues up to Swan Hills where Lauri Restad works with them at Just One More. Successfully many dogs have now found their forever homes and have been placed in the right environment to suit their needs.

Judith is always thinking fundraiser and has networked to get us contacts with many unique individuals for auction items and products for sales.

Thank you Judith for always being a voice for the vulnerable and helping dogs like Sasha, Anivey and others find their forever homes!

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