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Volunteer of the Month: March 2016:

Berkeley's Volunteer of Month

Charlie Aslin

We are pleased to announce our Volunteer of the Month for February is Charlie Aslin!

Charlie has been hauling supplies non-stop for us - picking up a pallet of litter, feral food, doing a large trailer run for us, not to mention helping catch Sampson and Delilah (our resident feral cats) and taking one for the team. Charlie will forever wear the official Berkeley's scar - and have the tetanus shot to prove - you just don't touch a woman when she doesn't want to be touched! You gotta love Charlie - now Delilah has Charlie wrapped around his finger (literally - I think that is where she chomped down on him). We love you Charlie for all you do! Charlie will receive a gift from Berkeley's Place for all his contributions to our team (including, cherry pie and apple pie).

Follow along at Feral cats in the winter". to see the adventures of Sampson, Delilah and Charlie.

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