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Volunteer of the Month: May 2016:

Berkeley's Volunteer of Month

Cheryl Posein

Please join me in giving a big round of congratulations to our valued Volunteer of the Month, Cheryl Posein!!!

Why do I volunteer?

This is an easy answer – it is in my nature to help others in time of need and be a voice for those without one.

I didn’t realize until someone asked me why I volunteer and how it all started for me – which was started as young girl. I would help teach Sunday and summer Bible school classes, assist in the church office and then as an adult volunteer for my company’s charity fundraisers and committees.

After adopting Maggi Mae in 2011 (SCARS rescue) volunteering with Second Chance Animal Rescue Society became my passions, which then lead to other bigger volunteering opportunities. It was fate in 2014 for both Lillian and I to meet again (while planning the Charlee’s Angels for the Animals Rally) – we realized that we were kindred souls with the same passion of wanting to help and speak for those that have no voice.

May 2014 – Lillian approached me to join her on her journey of Berkeley’s Place, little did we know that our simple Facebook page would turn into something so big and grow with love, compassion, community support, accountability and sheer determination that when it got difficult the mantra would be and still is “it is for the animals”.

For some volunteering is not for the faint of heart because I found that my heart strings are always being pulled in many directions and the thoughts of if only I had more money I could do more but then I remember I can volunteer my time, experience and love for those in time of need and without a voice be it animals or people.

That is why I volunteer.


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