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Volunteer of the Month: November 2015:

We are pleased to announce our Volunteer of the Month is Erika Lahti!!! Erika has been instrumental in taking us to the next level with the implementation of The Square for credit card payments at events, has brought many wonderful ideas to the table which have really personalized who we are, and has been at almost every event we hosted over the past few months, bringing her charm and personality and making everyone feel welcome and at home.

Erika Lahti - Valued Volunteer

"To be chosen as the volunteer of the month is an honour. I started with Berkeley's Place in May of 2015. My friend and Administrative Director, Lori, was urging me to volunteer. I had volunteered with an animal rescue in the past and it was extremely hard emotionally for me so I was apprehensive at first. Thank goodness Berkeley's is not like that at all; it's feel-good stories, rescue sharing and caring, community building initiatives, teamwork and family. I would even call Berkeley's a family. Everyone gets along, we have the same goals, we laugh (A LOT) and we genuinely care about each other. I think the community can feel that love as well. We have some of the most amazing, caring, generous supporters. Everyday I am blown away by the donations, the kind words and stories.

My love of cats was where the Bring Christmas to the Critters initiative grew from. I was going to choose a rescue and make it my Christmas gift to myself to give every kitty in that rescue a present, but then my mom said, "talk to Lillian, maybe Berkeley's can partner with a pet store and give Christmas to more kitties." That snowballed into Bring Christmas to the Critters, because Berkeley's loves all animals. I am extremely happy this team supports my crazy ideas (for example the Great Pumpkin Round Up). I love this team, Lillian's vision and seeing all of the rescue sharing and caring."


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