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Volunteer of the Month: October 2015:

Please join us in giving a big thank you and congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month, Karen Dollmont, Director! Karen joined Cheryl and myself when we first started Berkeley's Place - Karen believed in our vision and has been a key player in helping us get started. Despite living in Onoway, Karen and her husband Charlie are the first to jump in and volunteer to attend events and do large pick ups for us. Karen has networked on behalf of our farm rescues and small animal rescues to secure timothy hay and straw, and is the designer/creator of our mascot Cid. We are humbled and proud to have Karen serve on the Board for our family at Berkeley's Place.

Karen Dollmont - Director and Board Member

"I joined Berkeley’s Place in its infancy. Wow, have we made big strides. With each new volunteer, each new board member we get stronger. Together we make an awesome group. No egos just support and a shared love of animals; a willingness to help rescues and the animals in their care. It is my honor and pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful group.

I have been a foster to several dogs, puppies, kittens, cats, rabbits and birds. My last was a foster-failure: Luigi a scrawny tabby kitten, that melted our hearts. We have a busy household here with 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits and 4 birds. Out of the group we have Glen who is part Russian blue and was found in a bush at about 4 weeks old, his fur family were a pair of grey feral cats. He was born under an old rusty car, in the bush. He came to us very sick but with love he grew into a beautiful cat. Feral cats hold a special part of my heart so getting involved in Project Purr making shelters for feral cats is so rewarding. I believe though education and understanding we can change the world.

I am lucky to work from home so my pets are part of my life everyday even when I am working. In this photo I’m sharing with you are, Buddy the black cap conure age 3, Zazzu the sun conure age 10, Boo the cat age 3, Glen the cat age 2 my feral baby, Stew the rabbit age 4, Puma the rabbit age 3, and our beloved Benji who has crossed the rainbow bridge. We adopted him from friends who were to sick to care for him any longer at age 17 we only had him for 6 short months. Never underestimate how much a senior can add to the family and fill a home with love. Till we meet again Benji at the rainbow bridge."

Photo by Darcy Evans Photography

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