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Volunteers of the Month: September 2015:

We want to make a very special announcement and showcase not one but two of our most valued team members. Our team has been working around the clock on a variety of projects and it was impossible to choose just one Volunteer of the Month for September, so we chose two! Each member will receive a gift chosen specifically for them in appreciation of all they do.

Lori Bossert - Administrative Director and Board Member

Our first nominee is responsible for the wonderful graphics you see on our Facebook and web page. Lori devotes hours of her valuable time to keeping our website current, loading the monthly features for rescue and pet of the month, as well as consults and creates our presentations for promotional and media venues. Lori is a key member of our team and her talents have taken us to the next level in respect of artistry and professionalism. Lori always has a beautiful smile on her face and a hug ready anytime I see her and I am honored and humbled to call her a friend and partner in this family here at Berkeley's Place.

"I felt very fortunate to be nominated with Stephanie as September Volunteers of the Month; I can’t say enough about the dedication and compassion of the ladies whom I work with and all of our members who give so much of their time and effort to make Berkeley’s Place the success that it is. I am so happy to be a part of this wonderful team and to see the good that is being done every day for animals in need, our community and the network of rescues that we assist. Berkeley’s Place is a wonderful organization and one that I’m so proud to call home."

Stephanie Springer - Donation Coordinator

Stephanie has proven to be an invaluable assistant when it comes to being a liaison with stores, clinics and the general public. Stephanie gives countless hours of her time driving around picking up, sorting and distributing supplies to rescues on our network. I have come to treasure our Sunday "donation days" as we call them where we spend time organizing, filling orders and brainstorming together.

Stephanie always has a smile on her face and an eagerness to take on new tasks. Her enthusiasm and organizational skills have helped to streamline our process and get supplies out even faster to rescues. She has singlehandedly managed events and has become a voice for our Foundation. I am truly honored to work with such a passionate giving individual whom I have come to call friend and family here at Berkeley's.

"During the time I have been privileged to volunteer with Berkeleys Place, I have found a place I love to be. All of my fellow volunteers make Berkeley's the place it has become. We work together to educate and help animals in need. I always feel appreciated for what I can offer to help with."

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