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Annual President's Message

In the last twelve months, we have brought assistance to 38 rescues who care for cats and dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, reptiles, hamsters, birds, horses, pigs, goats, geese, chickens, donkeys and wildlife. Here are just a couple of the remarkable animals who came into care this year:

Meet Lillian. This small kitten was given her name in honor of the founder of Berkeley’s Place. Lillian was brought to one of our supporting Pet Valu locations by a young man who didn’t know how to provide the care she needed, as the veterinary clinic he brought her to was closed and he didn’t know where to turn. It was fate that the founder of Matty’s Cat Place Sanctuary, Sharon Butler, had just left Berkeley’s Place with a load of donations. When the call came in asking for help, Sharon was immediately contacted. Without hesitation, she rushed over and the small kitten was surrendered into care, impacted, dehydrated and frightened. Sharon was able to provide the care required and today this beautiful cat thrives at the sanctuary.

Meet Gus. Concerned citizens reach out to Berkeley’s Place about a young, frightened and injured pig that was abandoned. The family was trying to coax the little pig to come to them by feeding him but were not having any luck. Since winter was fast approaching time was of the essence to rescue him. We immediately contacted FARRM and asked founder Melissa Foley for help. Despite being full, Melissa would see no life at risk and agreed to intake this little pig if he could be trapped humanely. Thanks to the generosity of our friends at Duke and Duchess Animal Rescue, we acquired a live trap which we loaned to the family. Within 24 hours the pig affectionately called Wilbur was caught and transported to FARRM. Wilbur, now “Gus” is in care, has received medical attention and thrives at the sanctuary with his new friend, Mortimer, another rescue pig.

Our team believes in community and being transparent and accountable and this year several initiatives were launched. Our first is our medical fund at Terwillager Veterinary Clinic which provides vaccinations, de-worming, microchipping, spay/neuter services. Your donations to this fund are crucial and go directly to those who need it most. To date we have helped 6 cats and 1 dog!

On November 5, we sent out a pumpkin convey – a flatbed, a 1 ton truck and an SUV full of pumpkins, apples, walnuts, carrots, pineapple, zucchini, squash and not to mention cat food, litter and dog treats – all making their way to FARRM. A simple shout out on the community page asking people to donate their Halloween pumpkins resulted in the collection of approximately 600 pumpkins for the sanctuary animals!

Project Purr, in partnership with Pet Planet Riverbend Square, is an initiative to build shelters for feral and abandoned cats. The support was overwhelming not only in donations but volunteers who came out. In total, 34 shelters were built! We are so proud of this achievement. In Edmonton alone, we have approximately 30 feral cat colonies managed by everyday people and volunteers from different rescues. These shelters will provide lifesaving refuge from the elements.

We recently had the pleasure of making pet hampers for the annual Christmas dinner hosted by B's Diner to help founder Brenda fill not only the hamper needs of the community she is helping, but their companion animals as well.

As we head into the New Year we launch our Earth Angel Helpersack program which will provide packs loaded with supplies to help at risk people living on the streets of Edmonton with/or without companion animals.

Your importance as a supporter is difficult to put into words but as you can see from the stories above, you are instrumental in the lives of the animals that call rescues home. We depend solely on your donations and support. But it is not “us” who depend on these funds/donations of food and product. It is the many, many animals that come through the doors of rescue every year requiring food, shelter, warmth, veterinary care, love and forever homes.

We are not saving them; you are.

We are caring but you are providing for them.

We are all in this together for the love of animals.

We are thankful to have your support.

In a world where so many couldn’t care less, you are the ones who could not care more. As we close the book on 2015, we look forward to opening a new one. The pen is in your hands, it is your chance to write a beautiful story for the lives of these animals. Let’s get started!

On behalf of the Executive and Volunteers of Berkeley's Place Foundation, Merry Christmas. Thank you for being Earth Angels for the Animals.

Lillian Courtney, President

Berkeley’s Place Foundation

December 15, 2015

Sweet Lillian

Little Gus

Great Pumpkin Round-Up

Project Purr

Pet Hampers

Earth Angel Helpersacks

A rescue kitty enjoying some of our wonderful donations while he waits to be adopted.

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