Each month we host a pet honouring ceremony to pray for, bless and send love to those that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We join our hearts and souls to pay tribute to those who have gone ahead to the Rainbow Bridge.

We will meet again, with hugs, tears and kisses, as we walk together in eternity to our new home. Until that day, we honour these precious souls and remember them always. All species are welcome at our honouring ceremony.

You may submit a name and photo via Facebook or email and they will be added to our monthly honour board.

L. Leigh Meriweather stated: “It is never too late or a wrong time to honour those we love”.

St. Francis of Assisi had the idea that animals are our brothers and sisters, and through them, we see the goodness of God. The bond between a person and a pet is like no other relationship because communication between fellow creatures is at its most basic. Every living creature is important and the love we give to a pet and receive from that pet, draws us more deeply into the larger circle of life, into the wonder of our relationship with the Creator.
We light a candle in remembrance of the life we shared with our companions and look forward to a time where we are reunited again.

We light a candle in remembrance of all those who were rescued who were never given a chance to find their fur-ever homes. We pray that they found compassion, gentle hands and kind words as they found comfort in the arms of the Rescuer.

We light a special candle in remembrance of all the companion and service animals that have given their lives in the line of duty. They have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, for justice and for their handlers. We honour you and we thank you for the work you have done to help bring loved ones home, to find survivors, to protect our communities and our country. We salute you, brave warriors.

Lastly, we light a candle for all the homeless, forgotten, abandoned and abused animals. For the nameless fur-children who gave their lives for others, for research, and as a result of humankind’s inhumanity. For the animals who suffered needlessly, who were lost or deserted, frightened and hungry we place them in your loving hands. We stand in the gap and ask forgiveness for the abuse. May the Higher Powers that be forgive the cruelty.

Until we meet again at The Bridge, run free, swim and fly.

Peace, love and light to all.