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Kitten Season

We speak a lot about kitten season - and the sad reality is that it is getting progressively worse. The difference between cat and dog guardianship is the value placed on the animal. Sadly, cats are viewed as disposable, easily replaced and often obtained for free on...

What is hospice?

84% of pet guardians refer to themselves as their pet’s “mom or dad,” demonstrating that the deeper the emotional bond, the more intense the grief reaction. Given the strong emotional ties, extending hospice care to terminally ill pets and their families is...

Anticipatory Grief

People can experience a grief response to the loss of a pet similar to the loss of a significant person and that loss has a marked effect on our emotional well being. In order to get past our grief, we must go through it.When your beloved pet is first diagnosed with a...

Lily Has Been Adopted!

Lily Has Been Adopted!

CONGRATULATIONS!A HUGE congratulations go to our Lily bear for finding her forever home! Lily was rocking out with a foster-to-adopt family who decided they needed to make Lily a permanent member of their family! This lucky lady not only gets to have a furry sibling,...

Sit. Stay. Heal

The human-animal bond is powerful among all age groups, so a pet's loss can be emotional. A growing number of pets are becoming members of the family. What many people these days experience is a relationship with their pet. Therefore, we must make it ok for pet...

President’s Year-End Message

A Year-End Message from the President Berkeley’s Place was started in memory of a special needs rescue dog named Berkeley. As I reflect on the past year, I am in awe of how far we have come over the past seven years and want to thank all of our supporters for being...

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