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Sit. Stay. Heal.

Owners of terminally ill pets are more likely to suffer from stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as poorer quality of life, compared with owners of healthy animals. Nothing can prepare you to hear “your pet has cancer” or another terminal illness....

Implant Initiatives

In free-roaming feral or loosely owned populations of dogs, initially targeting females for sterilization has the most immediate benefit for human community health and safety in rapidly reducing canine population numbers. In addition, female...

Take The Bite Out of Your Pet’s Food Bills

Finding Your Pet's Food Bill Expensive? All dogs need jobs, but sadly...they are a little underqualified to get the ones that pay! Sometimes, we need to think of different ways to reduce that food bill! View our handy postcard for tips below!

That B.I.T.E.S

Dog Body Language, Are You in The Know? Dog body language can sometimes be confusing! Take a peek at our handy 'That B.I.T.E.S.' postcards below for visuals on what is safe and what is considered dangerous for dog behaviour!  Want more info? Read this article...

Protecting Our Furry Friends Through Vaccination

Benefits of Vaccination There are many benefits to vaccinating your furry friend.  Read our handy, printable postcards for more information on Canine Parvovirus and Rabies below.  For more vaccination information visit the following resources: Canadian Veterinary...

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