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How Donations Are Used

100% of donations go right back to the animals. Your donations directly help rescue animals! Each donation made provides food, supplies and medical assistance to animals. Donations also help Berkeley’s Place to develop and distribute programming throughout the community!


  • Berkeley’s Place provides over 396,000 lbs of dry food to animal rescues in Alberta, yearly!
  • Thanks to your generosity, we are able to provide supplies and food to over 21,875 pets per year!
  • We have helped over 65 rescues since our inception in 2014!
  • We have assisted in finding homes for 13 cats and 7 dogs!


Are all rescues CRA registered?

Yes, because of our charity status, all rescues on Berkeley’s Place network must have CRA registration in good standing.

How much money do you raise per year?

On average, Berkeley’s Place raises $10,000 per annum

How many rescues do you support?

Currently, we have 15 CRA registered rescues on our network.

Where can we find your financials?

We happily share our financials publically!


You can view past years here

How can one get help from Berkeley's Place?

Berkeley’s Place has a small reserve fund to assist any pet guardian facing an emergency.

You can learn more about this fund here: Brooker-Gretz Memorial Fund

Can I donate offline?


You can mail cheques to:

Berkeley’s Place
1712 Turvey Bend NW
Edmonton, Alberta, T6R 2W7

Can I etransfer my donation?


Kindly send your e-transfer donations to info @

Please ensure your contact information (name and mailing address) is included in your transfer so we can send you a tax receipt!

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