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What is Journey’s End?

Journey’s End is an initiative at Berkeley’s Place that assists animals in hospice care with a rescue. Many animals living in a hospice or sanctuary typed situation live with special needs or terminal illness. These types of situations are typically animals remaining at the rescue or with a foster that is rescue supported until their final days.

The idea behind Journey’s End is to ensure that animals chosen to be participants of Berkeley’s Journey’s End are comfortable, stress-free and experience compassion.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why support journey's end?

Sometimes, animals, through no fault of their own find themselves displaced for medical, behavioural, or terminal illness reasons. Journey’s End was created to help provide these animals with the extra love and attention they so deserve.

Can't these animals be adopted?

Unfortunately, in many instances, the financial costs of caring for an animal in hospice or sanctuary care are very high, and the behavioural/medical needs are often significant.

Sadly, this is usually a deterrent to many potential adopters as they may lack the time or resources to care for the animal properly.

How Does Journey's End Help Animals?

Berkeley’s Place has assisted through purchasing specialized food, therapeutic equipment such as specialized mobility devices for disabled animals, Bailey chairs, and more.

Journey’s Place aims to help provide a higher quality of life for an animal that would not have the opportunity for such otherwise.

How Do You Raise Money For Journey's End?

Berkeley’s Place holds an online auction once a year to help raise money for Journey’s End.

How Much Money have You Raised so Far?

Since 2018, Berkeley’s Place has raised nearly $12,000 and has assisted eight different animal rescues with their hospice intakes.

How Can I help?

Follow our social media channels, or join our newsletter to stay up to date for the next online auction or become a sponsor!


CRA registered charities or CRA non-profit rescues are welcome to apply to Journey’s End.

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