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Why is a Pantry Important?

When you think of the number of animals needing help, many fail to realize that they often require medical attention first and foremost. Rescues must have the resources to cover food, medical care, supplies (kennels, collars, leashes, toys, bedding.)

Sometimes animals are left behind due to limited resources to care for those intakes. The main goal for Berkeley’s Place is to end animal suffering. Operating a pantry service for rescues is a way for Berkeley’s to help rescues where help is needed most.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Types of Donations do you take?

We accept new collars, leashes, toys, food, pee pads, crates and more! Due to safety issues, Berkeley’s Place is no longer able to accept used items.

Can I drop off a donation to you?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Berkeley’s Place can no longer accept donations at our primary location.

Additionally, we cannot utilize used, damaged or open items for safety reasons.

Where can I make a donation?

For a full list of our partner stores, click here!

My pet no longer uses its crate/food/collar, can I donate it?

While we appreciate your generosity, Berkeley’s Place can no longer accept used, open, or damaged items for safety reasons.

Can I make a donation for supplies directly to you?

Absolutely! Check out our shopping page and let us do the shopping for you!

How can My rescue request supplies?

Fill out our supply request form!

Become a Sponsor

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