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Lost Pet Resources for Edmonton and Surrounding Area.

Edmonton Animal Care & Control Centre (Guide) – a comprehensive guide to help find a lost pet in the Edmonton area including tips on keeping your pet safe.

The City of Edmonton Animal Control Peace Officers also now enforce the Provincial Animal Protection Act (APA) which enables the officers to respond to animals in distress or animals that have been abandoned. The Act was previously enforced by the Edmonton Humane Society (EHS).

Edmonton Animal Care & Control Centre (Database) – a public database of dogs and cats found in Edmonton and surrounding areas currently being held for safe-keeping at the Animal Care & Control Centre.

Guardian Veterinary Centre – A walk-in, premium emergency animal hospital in Edmonton open 24/7, 365 days a year. Tel. 780-436-5880

Edmonton Humane Society

Edmonton Lost and Found Pets – Facebook resources for lost cats and dogs in Alberta.

 K9 Recovery Service

Edmonton Veterinarian’s Emergency Clinic – deal with immediate emergency care for injured animals. Tel: North Edmonton – 780-758-4620 Tel: Downtown – 780-433-9505

Lost Pets Alberta

Edmonton and Area Lost Pets – New Edmonton and area lost pets page to post any and all missing pets.

St. Albert Pet Place– The go-to page for everything pets in St. Albert and surrounding areas.. Email:

Helpful Resources

Alberta Force Free Alliance

Choice… not FORCE … for the love of dogs

The Paw Project

Declawing isn’t like getting a manicure or trimming your finger nails. Declawing is amputation. It is the equivalent of removing the tips of your fingers down to the first knuckle. Help us put a stop to this unnecessary and inhumane practice!

Canadian Animal Task Force 

The Canadian Animal Task Force (CATF) is a volunteer-driven, registered charity that provides care to companion animals in order to assist with community safety and improve the health and well-being of animals.