The human-animal bond is powerful among all age groups, so a pet’s loss can be emotional. A growing number of pets are becoming members of the family. What many people these days experience is a relationship with their pet. Therefore, we must make it ok for pet families to feel what they are feeling, to allow them the opportunity to receive ongoing support and encourage them to reach out when the pain becomes overwhelming.

 For the duration of this month, each day, we will present a module from the in-person seminar we scheduled over two years ago that had been cancelled due to the pandemic.

 We hope and desire that the materials will help guardians find resources and support.

Sit, Stay, Heal was created after the passing of our beloved Buttons, who took us on a six-month journey into the life of a terminally ill pet after being diagnosed with bladder cancer.

Buttons’ journey helped us gain a deeper understanding, empathy, compassion and desire to help other guardians navigate end-of-life care.